The Nerve is the news website of the South Carolina Policy Council. The SCPC is nonprofit, nonpartisan and nongovernment.  That means we aren’t political. We aren’t looking to make a buck.  We don’t work for special interests and we do not take public money.

We promote ideas like limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty. We created The Nerve because there isn’t enough independent reporting on government and the politicians who run it. So we hired veteran South Carolina investigative reporters to cover the big stuff in Columbia.  They’re very, very good. What makes The Nerve even better is the volunteers from all over the state who are our Citizen Reporters. They’ll help us monitor and report on government from the State House and their hometowns.

The new media makes it possible for us to report real information in real time. There is a void in South Carolina for substantive, well-researched news about how our government is run, how the legislature operates and where our tax dollars are really going.  We’ll provide a forum for your anonymous tips and opinions (we promise not even we’ll know your identity), and our reporters will do their best to follow up on them.

Yes, it takes a lot of work to do what all that. Also takes a lot of guts. Welcome to The Nerve.


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  1. Risa Grossman says:

    I recently sent a donation in for Janet Walker (walkerj@midlandstech.edu) and Sarah Trice (trices@midlandstech.edu). When will they start getting the NERVE emails sent to them?

    They love your news!

  2. Donald Bailey says:

    Excellent source of information!

  3. We need a Bill to remove all SALES TAX EXEMPTIONS. We take these funds, plus tier 1,2 &3 (state paid funds for tax relief), close ALL assessors offices and add $30.00 per thousand to the deed stamp. These would totally offset ALL Property Taxes( all houses,all businesses and all other property that is taxed). This would also save the taxpayers between 50 million and 100 million dollars by doing away with assessors and their offices. This would be TOTAL FREEDOM where the governent can not take your property because you can not afford to pay the taxes.The deed stamp increase would be to keep newcomers from reaping the benefits of no taxes, it would be like an impact fee to pay off the bonds and pay for new construction. IT WOULD BE A TAX SWAP not a tax increase. They can only spend what they collect. We could also put caps on sales tax increases and part of the funds are used for Capital investments.

    David Whetsell
    http://www.stoptax.org HOW IT IS DONE SHOWN BELOW

    page 4 of the above attachment gives you tier 1,2,3 relief from the State

    page 5 gives you total property taxes collected from all properties

    You start with 4,357,972,789 on top right of page 5

    you subtract 2,753,712,595 sales tax excemptions from above found on the B&CB report (Sales & Use Tax Exemptions Fiscal Year 2008-2009)

    then you subtract tier 1,2,3 from page 4

    you subtract 50,000,000 from shuting down all the assessors offices Each county give their cost in their budgets ( between 50 and 100 million ; Lexington was 2.05 million last year).

    you make up the rest from the deed stamp increase each $1.00 per thousand = 21,033,585 from South Carolina Department of Revenue
    Annual Report 2007-2008 ( page33 is total deed stamp collected)

    figure up how much is needed to make an even swap The deed stamp is a one time impact fee.

    This would gives us total freedom from the government by not having property tax.

    If we put a cap on the 6 cent of sales tax it would control spending. only increase apending if collections increase.

    4,358,000,000 Total property taxes collected ( schools, counties and cities ) all figures are rounded off
    – 2,754,000,000 sales tax excemptions
    – 925,000,000 Tier 1,2 &3 state reimbursement ( act 388, 1994 $100,000 relief & over 65 relief )
    – 50,000,000 by shutting down all assessors offices state wide.
    – 629,000,000 Deed stamp collections ( about $30.00 per thousand )
    ZERO PROPERTY TAXES complete freedom from government confication of our property with no tax increase just a swap.

  4. Josette Walton says:

    Would The Nerve be interested in political cartoons? They are free of charge. We are current members of the Policy Council. Josette Walton

  5. Stephen says:

    Trying to find an article that was published to The Nerve, concerning the cost to the tax payer of the First Quality site in Anderson, S.C. The old link is saying it is no longer available, due to what I assume is the article being out of date. Is there anyway I could be sent that article?

  6. pro se crusader says:

    There is over $50,000,000 additional annual SC revenue being missed in one scheme – the story will break soon – just standby.

  7. David Vine says:

    I heard long ago (and agree heartily) that people don’t own their property.

    They pay rent to the government — or else!


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