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No End in Sight for Court Fees

If users of the state’s court system are hoping to see lower court fees any time soon, they likely won’t find an ally in S.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Toal. During a hearing last week before a Senate Judiciary … Continue reading

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Restructuring Could Face Filibuster in Senate

The S.C. Senate this week is continuing to debate a restructuring bill that goes a long way toward overhauling state government but – to some informed observers – falls short of true, comprehensive reform. How the Senate got to where … Continue reading

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Provisos: Legislators’ Earmarks – and Why They Love Them

Lots of politicians rail against federal earmarks in Congress, but the S.C. General Assembly has its own version of earmarks and many of them represent the very same kind of special-interest, pork-barrel spending. The Legislature’s version of these little gems … Continue reading

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Senate Faces Choice on Dept. of Administration: True Change or Fig-Leaf Reform

Although myriad ifs, ands or buts could derail it, a full-on elimination of the Budget and Control Board is in the works in the S.C. General Assembly. On Tuesday, the Senate plans to resume debating a bill that would abolish … Continue reading

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Bill Would Put More Teeth, Transparency in Incentives Deals

If you ask S.C. Rep. Thad Viers, he’ll tell you that it was mainly for philosophical reasons that he voted earlier this year against offering a controversial state sales-tax collection exemption to Internet retail giant Amazon.com. “My philosophy is that I … Continue reading

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Diverse Leaders See Benefits in Privately Run Ports

A key issue has been overlooked in a political firestorm engulfing a state board’s recent decision to approve a project that could help Georgia better compete against South Carolina in the ports industry. The issue holds major economic implications for … Continue reading

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Incentives Transparency Bill Looks Promising Next Session

It’s been eight years since a state law was passed requiring the S.C. Department of Commerce to publicly disclose incentives offered to companies to invest capital and create jobs in the state. But that law contains loopholes big enough to … Continue reading

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‘Other’ Funds Transparency Bills Slows

Proposed legislation aimed at bringing more transparency and accountability to a huge chunk of the state budget traditionally ignored by lawmakers isn’t making much headway so far this legislative session. “Other” funds – typically fees and fines – make up … Continue reading

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Top Project Carries Hefty Taxpayer Tab

With an announced investment of $1 billion and creation of 1,000 jobs, the proposed First Quality Tissue manufacturing plant in Anderson County has been touted as the Upstate’s biggest industrial project since BMW opened in the early 1990s. It easily was … Continue reading

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