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Senate Faces Choice on Dept. of Administration: True Change or Fig-Leaf Reform

Although myriad ifs, ands or buts could derail it, a full-on elimination of the Budget and Control Board is in the works in the S.C. General Assembly. On Tuesday, the Senate plans to resume debating a bill that would abolish … Continue reading

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Legislature Intent on Tax Reform? Oh Really?

If the best indication of how people will behave in the future is how they have acted in the past, a claim South Carolina legislative leaders make in a lawsuit against sales tax exemptions is questionable, at best. And perhaps … Continue reading

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High Court Rejects ‘Power-of-One’ Practice

The balance of power in state government shifted somewhat Monday, courtesy of the S.C. Supreme Court. In a 4-1 vote, the state’s top court said the General Assembly violated the S.C. Constitution last year when it overrode former Gov. Mark … Continue reading

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SCRA Intransigence Highlights State’s FOIA Flaws

More than half a year after The Nerve submitted an S.C. Freedom of Information Act request to the state agency charged with developing South Carolina’s “knowledge-based economy,” officials with the S.C. Research Authority say they’re ready to comply. SCRA Chief … Continue reading

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Nation’s Top Court Rules in Favor of S.C. Indigent Parent

The U.S. Supreme Court this morning ruled that a South Carolina Family Court judge violated the due process rights of an Upstate indigent father by jailing him without first determining whether he had the ability to pay his back child … Continue reading

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State’s Top Court Accepts Sales Tax Exemption Case

The S.C. Supreme Court will consider a lawsuit contending that the dozens of state sales tax exemptions, which the suit claims costs the Palmetto State $2.7 billion annually, are unconstitutional. The five-member court in a May 5 written order formally … Continue reading

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The Amazon.com Saga: Heading to Court?

The battle over whether Amazon.com should be exempt from collecting sales taxes from South Carolinians could wind up in court if a bill introduced last week becomes law, says a leading S.C. tax attorney. Businesses opposed to the bill (S. … Continue reading

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Embattled Ex-Judge Hearing Cases Again

A longtime Dorchester County judge who resigned in December amid accusations that he mishandled foreclosure cases is once again deciding those kinds of cases, but this time under a different title, The Nerve has learned. Former Master-in-Equity Patrick Watts, who, … Continue reading

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Nation’s Top Court to Hear S.C. Case Wednesday

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday will hear a South Carolina case that could have national implications for indigent parents facing jail time for failing to pay child support – and for taxpayers who might have to foot their legal … Continue reading

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