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More Lawmakers Supporting Independence for Legislative Ethics

A third bill has been introduced to put the kibosh on ethics self-policing in the S.C. General Assembly, and the effort is now bipartisan. Rep. Boyd Brown, D-Fairfield, introduced the latest bill on Jan. 18. The legislation, H. 4634, would … Continue reading

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Provisos: Legislators’ Earmarks – and Why They Love Them

Lots of politicians rail against federal earmarks in Congress, but the S.C. General Assembly has its own version of earmarks and many of them represent the very same kind of special-interest, pork-barrel spending. The Legislature’s version of these little gems … Continue reading

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Legislature Flouts Law Requiring Joint Public Hearings on Budget

It looks like the S.C. General Assembly’s two appropriations committees once again are flouting a provision of state law requiring the panels to hold joint public hearings on the state budget. Under Title 11, Chapter 11 of the S.C. Code … Continue reading

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S.C. House Stands Alone in Shadow of Ethics Secrecy

It’s a dubious distinction, to be sure: Members of the S.C. House are the only state or local elected officials in South Carolina who remain wrapped in a cloak of ethics secrecy as this year’s legislative session begins. Last year, … Continue reading

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Signs Point to Legislature Ignoring Law on Budget

South Carolina law requires the governor to submit a recommended state budget to the General Assembly within five days of the legislative session starting, and Gov. Nikki Haley says she will do so. But will the Legislature also follow the … Continue reading

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Effort Grows to End Legislative Fox Guarding Ethics Henhouse

Legislation to end the practice of state lawmakers policing themselves in ethics matters is now pending in both chambers of the S.C. General Assembly. Freshman Rep. Kevin Ryan – R-Georgetown and, at 23, perhaps the youngest member of the Legislature … Continue reading

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Accounting Change Adds More Truth, Transparency to Budget

The S.C. Board of Economic Advisors has made a change – quietly, and evidently with no other media attention to it – that adds more truth and transparency to the state budgeting process. Yes, you read that correctly – more … Continue reading

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TRAC Recommends Nixing SCRA’s Sales Tax Exemption

The S.C. Research Authority, a state-created and state-controlled technology and real estate company, is adept at spreading its tentacles farther and deeper into South Carolina’s economy. For a change, however, a proposal with legislative roots would cut off one of … Continue reading

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Sales Tax Discount Costs State $20 Million-Plus Per Year

How would you feel if the great state of South Carolina compensated you for filing and paying your taxes on time – and gave you a little extra for doing so electronically? Sounds like something out of the Twilight Zone? … Continue reading

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Retirement Commission Continues Aggressive Growth Plan

As South Carolina lawmakers struggle with painful choices to shore up funding of the state pension system, the entity that oversees the system’s assets wants to nearly double its operating budget and hire a dozen more personnel. In a meeting … Continue reading

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