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Legislature Flouts Law Requiring Joint Public Hearings on Budget

It looks like the S.C. General Assembly’s two appropriations committees once again are flouting a provision of state law requiring the panels to hold joint public hearings on the state budget. Under Title 11, Chapter 11 of the S.C. Code … Continue reading

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House Proposes to Boost its Budget by $2.3 Million

The S.C. General Assembly’s love of giving itself multimillion-dollar budget hikes is once again in full bloom. A year after the Senate received a $5 million overall budget increase for its 46-member chamber – as first reported last year by … Continue reading

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Upstate HQs May Be Exempt from Corporate Income Tax

Late last month, two companies announced they were opening corporate headquarters in Greenville. The companies – CertusBank, a recently formed banking firm that took over several failed banks in South Carolina and Georgia; and Perceptis, a 7-year-old business that provides … Continue reading

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New Incentives Offered for Corporate HQs

National corporate headquarters that locate or expand in South Carolina would be exempt from paying state corporate income taxes for 10 years if they created at least 50 full-time jobs, under a bill by the S.C. House’s chief budget writer. … Continue reading

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