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Loftis Expresses Lack of Confidence in DOT

Treasurer Curtis Loftis expresses his displeasure with problems at the S.C. Department of Transportation to DOT chief Robert St. Onge during the Nov. 4 Budget and Control Board meeting.

Not once has DOT been forthcoming about its difficulties, Loftis tells St. Onge. Continue reading

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Retirement Commission Continues Aggressive Growth Plan

As South Carolina lawmakers struggle with painful choices to shore up funding of the state pension system, the entity that oversees the system’s assets wants to nearly double its operating budget and hire a dozen more personnel. In a meeting … Continue reading

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State Financial Meeting Closed to the Public, Media

A wide-ranging meeting Gov. Nikki Haley organized in June to discuss state finances with representatives of the Standard & Poor’s credit rating agency and a bevy of high-ranking state officials was closed to the public and the media. The meeting … Continue reading

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Higher Retirement Tab Costs Taxpayers, Not Employees

A familiar elephant was in the room when the S.C. Budget and Control Board met Tuesday morning in Columbia. Indeed, the elephant is present at many Budget and Control Board meetings. It hangs around the State House, too, when the … Continue reading

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Four BCB Members Reject Retirement System Proposal

We don’t want to talk about it. That’s the unspoken response S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis received last week from his four colleagues on the state Budget and Control Board when he asked them to consider a proposal he had put … Continue reading

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Boeing Bonds Illegal in South Carolina?

S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis might have unwittingly opened a debate about whether the sale of $270 million in state bonds to help aerospace giant Boeing build an aircraft assembly plant in North Charleston violated the S.C. Constitution. Continue reading

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Budget and Control Board Seeks Second Opinion on Retirement Gap

When people know they have a medical problem, but are not convinced it has been diagnosed correctly, they often will seek a second opinion on it. This is fairly common practice, as well, in the nexus of government and politics, … Continue reading

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Retirement Execs Could Get Large Budget Increase

The entity managing the assets of South Carolina’s state retirement system has grown steadily in recent years in its personnel, salaries and overall budget, a review by The Nerve shows.

And that entity, the S.C. Retirement System Investment Commission, plans to continue expanding with an aggressive strategy to ramp up its operations. Call it bringing Wall Street to Main Street, Columbia – literally. Continue reading

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