The Search for a Joint Open Session on the Budget

State law requires that House and Senate appropriation committees meet in joint open session to consider the governor’s proposed budget within five days of it being released.

On Jan. 23, the fifth and final day such sessions could be held, Braum Katz of the South Carolina Policy Council attempted to find members of the legislative appropriation committees meeting, per state law.

It was a fruitless quest.

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3 Responses to The Search for a Joint Open Session on the Budget

  1. Aiken, SC says:

    There is an old saying in SC:

    “The people in South Carolina are safe only when the General Assembly is adjourned.” Was true then, but now the people in SC are never safe when the Budget & Control board can do as they please at any time they please.

    Eldon D. Bullington

  2. Neighbors says:

    How can we find out why the People need the Budget and Control Board in SC? They can try to understand why so much is decided by so few on the Budget & Control Board. Now, that being said, why are the same people on the B&C board not meeting and not changing the agenda? The new name group will be in one part of the state government. The next group will be the same 5 but with another name. What’s the point of changing the name and not the group?

    The B & C was to meet this past month, and they did not. Nothing was said why or when they will meet. They were not place to be found. My question is this, why can the Budget & Control Board do anything they like and no one is regulating their decisions? I wish that the group would stop taking the cost of living increase away one percent at a time from SCRS. What’s next? Why is the investments in great trouble in this state and other states are in good shape?

  3. Gene Smithson says:

    Why are yall fussing over a meeting that is not taking place in which nothing substantive would happen in it to begin with? I wish they would have the pointless meeting just so you people wouldn’t have one more meaningless thing to bich about.

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