Chapin Student Tells District 5 Board Member Don’t Oppose Renovation

Chapin High School sophomore class president Matteo Macaluso singled out Lexington-Richland District 5 school board member Kim Murphy during the Nov. 14 board meeting for her opposition to renovating his school.

“… let it be known should there be any further delays to purposely stall our much-needed renovations you will be met with heavy resistance not only from around the community but also by the student body of Chapin High School,” Macaluso says during the public participation portion of the meeting. “Especially since you continually insult all of our intelligences (sic), because at Chapin high school, in case you didn’t know, we have smart students who see right through your lies. … And if needed, this resistance will form, I personally guarantee.”

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27 Responses to Chapin Student Tells District 5 Board Member Don’t Oppose Renovation

  1. Rabbitwife says:

    Glad my children don’t attend school in that district. I teach my children to not bully others and respect adults. This district teaches their student to bully adults.

    • Eagleman says:

      Kim Murphy makes bullying remarks all the time in school board meetings. Not only that she misleads the public in doing so.

      • Cicero says:

        Really? Please enlighten us with what “bullying” remarks Kim Murphy has made during school board meetings.

        Questioning the direction of the school board does not constitute bullying, nor does refusing to bend to will of a group of parents and students who have decided to pitch a hissy fit because they aren’t getting their way.

        If this is your idea of bullying, then the entire democratic process of compromise must constitute bullying in your eyes.

    • Mario Macaluso says:

      Well if you did live and go to Chapin you would know what it feels like. This was my brother saying this and he’s 100 percent correct, and my parents never taught me to bully adults. This isn’t about bullying adults it’s out shear frustration in our community over this unnecessary situation. It’s not us bullying her it’s her bullying us.

      • Cicero says:

        How are you being bullied? As a board member, Kim Murphy has a responsibility to look out for all her constituents, not just the ones that would benefit for having Chapin High renovated.

        And if you think you have it bad with the conditions at Chapin High, try visiting one of the high schools in the so-called “Corridor of Shame.” You’ve got it better than 80 percent of the rest of the high school students in the state in terms of facilities, teachers and resources.

        The antics of your brother and many of the other students and parents connected to Chapin High makes you look like a bunch of spoiled brats.

      • Eagleman says:


        Since you don’t know what bullying is I thought that I would put the definition down in black and white.

        “Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior, which may manifest as abusive treatment, the use of force or coercion to affect others,[2] particularly when habitual and involving an imbalance of power. It may involve verbal harassment, physical assault or coercion and may be directed persistently towards particular victims, perhaps on grounds of race, religion, gender, sexuality, or ability.[3][4] The “imbalance of power” may be social power and/or physical power. The victim of bullying is sometimes referred to as a “target.” Bullying consists of three basic types of abuse – emotional, verbal, and physical. It typically involves subtle methods of coercion such as intimidation. Bullying can be defined in many different ways. Bullying ranges from simple one-on-one bullying to more complex bullying in which the bully may have one or more ‘lieutenants’ who may seem to be willing to assist the primary bully in his bullying activities. Bullying in school and the workplace is also referred to as peer abuse.[7] Robert W. Fuller has analyzed bullying in the context of rankism.

        Now that we have that established if you read the court documents and the depositions by Kim it is clear that she is using coercion to affect others and to target the School District 5 Administration. It’s pretty clear and very reasonable that she is bullying the Administration just based on the definition alone.

    • Appalled Student says:

      I am currently a student in district 5, and we aren’t taught to bully adults, but to stand up for what we believe in. Our schools are overcrowded, and there is no room in the hallways to walk. There are not enough desks in our classrooms, so students have to sit on the floor and on counters in order to learn. Chapin High School needs these expansions. Kim Murphy’s delays of these renovations have been unneeded. This student was brave enough to stand up for exactly what we need in this community. I am appalled that you would jump to such conclusions when you have no idea as to the story behind the situation occurring within district 5. Perhaps your children should attend here, we have some of the highest test scores in the state, and our schools have obviously taught us to think for ourselves rather than follow blindly behind others.

  2. GFlanders says:

    What kind of kids are they raising in Chapin? If that was my child I’d immediately pack him off to military school so he could learn some respect for adults. Instead, it looks like the parents in this video are egging him on.

    What a bunch of spoiled brats.

  3. Alex Saitta says:

    Here’s what some of the parents and employees had to say about budget cuts in Pickens County. Most were civil. Many were not. In the end, our school board balanced the budget that had a $2.75 million deficit without raising tax rates, borrowing money, spending savings or raising fees. The spending cuts were focused on non-classroom areas. In the end, the board actually added 6.5 teaching positions. It can be done.

    It comes down to realizing money is not unlimited and spending priorities need to be set.

    • Eagleman says:

      How big is the budget for this school district? Does this school district get good scores when compared to other school districts in the state?

  4. robert h. says:

    they cant make the hard decisions because they are not willing to take any money out of their pockets . it is completely wrong the money these people make. if these folks know what these people make then they would know why they cant fix anything . mr chairman cut school board members and your pay. and this should be for all school boards in sc and our elected repsentives also.stop lining your own pockets and you can stop raising taxes on the people that can not afford anymore taxes. CUT YOUR OWN PAY NO ONE IS WORTH WHAT OUR ELECTED REP. AND SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS MAKE. try to be AMERICANS AGAINS IT WILL FEEL GOOD. TRY IT.

  5. Eagleman says:

    Don’t judge the student’s character based on one part of his speech. I think that the student was just fed up with all of Kim’s delays. The student moved from Alabama a couple of years ago and could have gone to school anywhere in the midlands. He and his family decided to go to Chapin High School because he and his family loved the area and also loved the new renovations the school was going to get. He is a great kid and a true leader. Nothing wrong with calling someone out for costing taxpayers over $1.9 million to fight this thing. Eveyone is tired of trying to be nice and just asking her to stop the appeals. Now they are going to act on it!

    Why was it okay for Kim to call out Karl Fulmer in public last month telling him in public that he was providing false information to the public without any evidence? Let me say that again “without any evidence”. Karl stood up and defended himself in a grand way. And by the way District 5 just achieved the highest grade you can get in their latest audit which was also turned in much sooner than it had to be.

    Have you seen the latest letter from DHEC to the SC Supreme Court telling the judge that Kim is misleading the public? If you want me to try and do a “cut and paiste” of the letter I will try.

    • Mario Macaluso says:

      Please do! Thank you for your kind remarks about Matteo. It’s time a leader rises to the call and fights the good fight. Far too long is the minority speaking for the majority. I am behind him 110%.
      He is not in this alone! I am proud to call him my son! 🙂

    • SilverFox22 says:

      Would this be the same DHEC which is a party to the district in the appeal Kim Murphy brought against the District. That hardly seems like an unbiased source.

      • Eagleman says:

        Yes that is same one. That is also the same DHEC (only one that exists to be frank) that has had to spend a lot of their time and money (our tax money) fighting this thing. What do you say about that SilverFox22? The Kim Murphy supporters never talk about how much time and money she has waisted in this rediculous fight of hers. Did you happen to hear that the Supream Court dismissed her motion to Supersedeas or Stay in the construction at Chapin High School? If not here is some information on that front. What do you think about Administrative Judge Mathews saying that Kim’s motion was on her second appeal was “devoid of any foundation”. I thought that pretty much summed up how many people feel about it.

        Supreme Court denies motion for stay in Chapin High school lawsuit

        The Supreme Court of South Carolina has denied a request by Kim Murphy for a Stay in the legal appeal Murphy vs. School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties and DHEC.

        In November, Administrative Law Judge Carolyn C. Matthews granted a motion by attorneys for Lexington-Richland Five to dismiss an appeal of the issuance of a Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). The permit is needed to begin the long-delayed expansion and renovation project at Chapin High School. Murphy requested the Supreme Court grant an Order of Supersedeas or Stay in the case, which would hinder the district from moving forward with the construction project. This morning, that motion was denied and the school district can now proceed with the project with all deliberate speed to the fullest extent allowed by law.

        In her November ruling, Judge Matthews said, “[Murphy’s] claim is devoid of any foundation and therefore fails to state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action, and it is therefore dismissed.”

        This is the third court ruling against Murphy in regards to the Chapin High project. In May, the court ruled in favor of the district in regards to an appeal of the issuance of a DHEC water certificate. A fact noted in the most recent ruling by Judge Matthews. She said, “petitioner is barred from re-litigating issues of fact or law that have been conclusively determined in a prior action. “

        At the school board meeting on November 14, the school board awarded the bid for the project to China Construction America of South Carolina, the company that was the lowest, most responsive and most responsible bidder. A groundbreaking ceremony will be held in the near future.

  6. Cicero says:


    I have two comments – first, you provided a definition of bullying but you failed to provided an example of Kim Murphy bullying anyone. I would hardly call an individual exercising her constitutional rights to appeal a government body’s decision “bullying.”

    Second, I would assert it’s District 5 that’s actually wasting the money, since its the one that choose to proceed against Ms. Murphy’s appeal. If the District had allowed the creek to remain and gone ahead with some revisions, this whole affair could have been reverted. To blame this solely on Ms. Murphy is ludicrous. But, then again, logic has never the strong suit of the District or those who support this project.

    • Eagleman says:

      Wow. Your two comments don’t make any sense. I just said that if you read the depositions (Have you read them?) you can easily tell that she used coercion to target the School District.

      The second comment is just nuts. Do you honestly think that the school district should just not go on with the project at Chapin when everyone else says that we can (federal, state, and local govermenets as well as the courts)? This is the bullying that I’m talking about! What a weak argument you are making. I want you to answer my question. What do you think about Judge Mathews comments about Kim’s claims “are devoid of any foundation and therefore fails to state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action, and it is therefore dismissed”. This are the facts in the case lets talk about the facts please.

      • Cicero says:


        I simply asked you to provide an example of Kim Murphy’s bullying. If you can’t, just say so. Don’t point to a mountain of legal depositions and expect others to search through them. You made the accusation, now back it up.

        As for the second point, there were other options besides destroying the creek. The school district choose to ignore those options. Ms. Murphy is excersing her legal rights by appealing a ruling made by a government body. That’s how a democratic form of government works. It bodes poorly for Chapin and its future if this is it’s what’s defined as bullying.

  7. Eagleman says:


    Kim provided I think five options for filling in the ditch in her court case and they were all stupid options! Since she is the one filing the case it is up to her to have the burden of proof and guess what she didn’t and you still did not answer my question. What do you think about the judges comment?

    Here is the irony of your statement above “That’s how the democratic form of government works.” That statement is just amazing to me. If you truly feel strongly about democratic government then why is Kim fighting something that a majority of the voters voted for? She fought the hard fight and lost now she doesn’t like it and she is using the courts to drag this thing out well time is running out for her.

    By the way I answered the question about bullying pretty good you just don’t want to do your homework and educate yourself on the subject. Instead you just want to listen to Kim and keep drinking the Murphy Kool-Aid. She called Karl Fulmer a liar in a public forum without any evidence to back up her statement. That is bullying period.

    • Cicero says:


      Your logic is as flawed as your cause. Whenever someone has to resort to name calling, I know they can’t back up their assertions. You can’t provide examples of bullying from the depositions, but you attempt to smear Kim Murphy by implying that such examples exist, knowing few will make the laborious effort to sort through extensive depositions.

      You may not like any of Ms. Murphy’s options, but she did provide several; the district chose to proceed with its plan to destroy a creek.

      Finally, I question your assertion that Kim Murphy called Karl Fulmer a liar. She may have questioned him on some things, but I sincerely doubt she outright called him a liar. If you can’t get your facts straight, or you simply want to inflame people by misleading them, then there’s little use in trying to have a conversation with you.

      • d5taxpayer says:

        Go listen to the board meeting audio. Ms. Murphy says that Karl Fulmer provided false information regarding the cost of her lawsuits.

        Sounds like her calling him a liar to me.

      • Eagleman says:


        I have answered all of your questions with facts. You just don’t like them. Nothing I can do about that. No one liked her options but her. You won’t answer my question as to how you feel about the judges comment after she listened to 10 days of testimony on this subject. She had her chance to get her point across (and it has cost the taxpayers almost $2M so far) and she and her attorneys did not do a good job because they did not have any facts per the judge. You are supporting someone that does not have any facts. Don’t you get that? Facts! Facts! Facts!

        “[Murphy’s] claim is devoid of any foundation and therefore fails to state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action, and it is therefore dismissed.” says Judge Mathews

      • Eagleman says:

        I’ve not called Kim any names. I don’t have any problems with Kim asking Karl Fulmer any questions about anything. I don’t like that she said he was providing false information to the public because that is just not true. In your first sentence you said that my cause was flawed. What do you think my cause is? That I’m agreeing that we should move forward with what the voters voted for? Sounds like a pretty sound cause.

  8. Cicero says:

    Oh, so Ms. Murphy didn’t call Mr. Fulmer a liar per se, as Eagleman stated unequivocally, but questioned the information he provided. Seems to me that a board member has a right to question an employee regarding information being disseminated to the public.

    • D5taxpayer says:

      One of the definitions of “false” is “intentionally untrue”, I would argue that is the extact meaning Ms. Murphy intended to convey.

      She called him a liar in every sense of term. Go listen for yourself.

    • Eagleman says:


      Now you sound like Obama trying to spin something. You know what she was trying to convey. You are smarter than that. She said he was providing the public with false information (lying to the public).

  9. FinnBro says:

    As a casual observer of these posts, I’m not convinced by either argument.

    I think Cicero should in fact go and read (listen to, observe – whatever…) the documents and tapes as suggest by Eagleman, and Eagleman should find and post the quotes to which he is referring. So far what I’ve read is “he said; she said”.

    Then consider the impact construction has on the environment vs. the proven need to more space. Can Chapin High be expanded without destroying our natural resources in the name of progress, etc?

    As an aside, I will add that in my opinion our district and schools waste an incredible amount of money on resources an programs that, once purchased at huge taxpayer expense sometimes lay abandoned after only a few year’s use. And, stop running the sprinklers in the pouring rain!

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