Loftis Expresses Lack of Confidence in DOT

Treasurer Curtis Loftis expresses his displeasure with problems at the S.C. Department of Transportation to DOT chief Robert St. Onge during the Nov. 4 Budget and Control Board meeting.

Not once has DOT been forthcoming about its difficulties, Loftis tells St. Onge.

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2 Responses to Loftis Expresses Lack of Confidence in DOT

  1. Karla McGowan says:

    I think some people at SCDOT may have to go to jail. It’s actually a criminal offence to knowingly defraud the American People. Nor is anyone at SCDOT upper management immune to prosecution, (its called co-conspirator). It isn’t a witch hunt; it’s a fact finding investigation by The US Depart. of Investigation. Someone has to account for 300 million dollars of Moonshine Bonds

  2. James Numm says:

    Curtis Loftis is dead on target.. SCDOT is a mess and I hope he can clean it up. Seems like Haley is hiding things as fast as Loftis can dig them out!

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