District 5: Let Taxpayers Look Up Data Themselves

When Lexington-Richland School District 5 Chief Financial Officer Karl Fulmer is asked if the district’s online check registers can be made easier to read by using account names instead of 15-digit codes, he says the district is only required to publish its check registers.

Afterward, board member Ed White says that since the district recently posted information on its website explaining how expenditures are categorized by code, District 5 constituents can go look up the information for themselves.

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5 Responses to District 5: Let Taxpayers Look Up Data Themselves

  1. Eagleman says:

    I was at this meeting and all Ed said was they can look it up for themselves because all of the information they needed to make a sound decision about the check register is on the website. No big deal. No one is trying to hide anything about the District’s finances.

  2. Rabbitwife says:

    Eagleman – what did you think of the outright disrespect they showed their fellow board member? Was that okay behavior/response too?

    • Eagleman says:


      I agree with you. It’s embarassing the way that some adults talk to themselves but I do think that Kim has pushed this issue over the edge by costing the taxpayers almost $2million dollars fighting something she will never win.

  3. d5taxpayer says:

    Kevin, you bring up the “15 digit code” again. However, you neglect to tell your readers that they only need to look at the 1st digit of the code to determine the source of the funds (taxes, fees, grants, and so on).

    • Cindy says:

      Why not use account names? This is not the ice age. I can change my general ledger to list either account name or number… no big deal.

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