Lexington County has a Fiscally Conservative Reputation

Talbert Black
Citizen Reporter

During a recent informal gathering, Lexington County Councilmember Debbie Summers responds to an area resident who asks why politicians can’t cut back on spending.

Lexington County has not raised taxes in three years, Summers says.


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3 Responses to Lexington County has a Fiscally Conservative Reputation

  1. The rest of the story? Lexington County actually ranks very high in government spending per capita. According to this Policy Council study http://www.scpolicycouncil.com/pdf/countyspending.pdf Lexington is the forth-highest spending county in South Carolina per capita. Where does Mrs. Summers get her info that Lexington has a fiscally conservative reputation?

    • Jerry Hallman says:

      Thank you for adding Debbie’s 1 minute answer to your 2 minute 26 sec question. Is she accurate when she says Lexington has not raised taxes in 3 years?

      • Yes, I think she is accurate that the property tax millage rate has not gone up. However, I understand that fees and fines have increased. So, while technically accurate, she is not telling the whole story.

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