Why Does Government Spend Every Cent it Gets?

Talbert Black
Citizen Reporter

During a recent informal gathering, a Lexington County business owner questions County Council member Debbie Summers on why politicians in general refuse to set money aside and abide by the same frugal spending measures many Americans do.

Why does the government feel like it has to spend every nickel it takes in, he asks.

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4 Responses to Why Does Government Spend Every Cent it Gets?

  1. Byron says:

    I appreciate the question and agree with it. Where’s the journalistic balance, though, of publishing her response?

  2. Kevin Dietrich says:

    It will be published Wednesday, July 12. Thanks for taking notice.

  3. Paul Everitt says:

    State and local governments do have raining day funds. The national debt was paid off during Andrew Jackson’s administration. At the time is was considered “bad form” for a government to hold money in reserve. Change your elected officials and change your attitude.

    In Colorado we had a close a 1 billion dollar budget gap. The state can not run a deficit, nor can cities or counties. Cities can not declare bankruptcy. Have your legislators look that the Colorado constitution if they need some legal guidance on how to run government properly.

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