Most State-Level Politicians Guided by Principle

Kelly Payne
Citizen Reporter

S.C. Republican Party Executive Director Matt Moore tells a Midlands-area class that he believes the majority of officials serving at the state level are motived by principle rather than personal agenda.

Moore, however, concedes that some politicians’ values do shift over time.

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3 Responses to Most State-Level Politicians Guided by Principle

  1. David Whetsekll says:

    I think he is full of you know what. Most wont even do what the State Constitution reads. I think most of them are Statist.

  2. gary2390 says:

    My God, those kids look BORED!! Look, we don’t have citizen legislators anymore — like we used to in this country. We have professional politicians who are not in touch with the people they represent. Here’s an issue no one seems to address: the goal of ANY state in the US should be to abolish state income tax, as the majority of revenue in any state should be coming in from sales tax.

  3. tdaly says:

    He is full of it.. the politicians in our statehouse don’t even read or understand the bills they vote on but do it anyway. They all need to be voted out.

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